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Music has a DEFINITIVE IMPACT in emotions, and this is exactly the goal of your production: to guide the EMOTIONAL JOURNEY of your audience. A well dramatized SOUNDTRACK is the most efficient tool to do this.

But finding the right music is not an easy task. Why?

You may be thinking of using royalty-free classical music, but the actual recording you plan to use will most likely still have rights to pay for. Or maybe you rely on huge music libraries where you can spend hours and hours struggling to find music that will fit some of your scenes, but not your entire narrative. In the worst case scenario, you may find yourself adapting your play, film or choreography to whatever music you find already written.

To keep your creativity intact, YOUR WORK deserves A TAILORED COMPOSITION.


This is the right tool. And this is our job. We know exactly HOW to do it We are specialists.

WE WILL WRITE and WE WILL PRODUCE the music your creation needs to touch your audience's emotions exactly when you want and the way you want.

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