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Music + AI

The AIMCAT project was born from the invitation of the organizers of the AI SONG CONTEST to a Swede living in Barcelona, Tomas Nihlén, to form a team to make Catalonia participate in the Artificial Intelligence EUROVISION.


The AIMCAT team

Tomas Nihlén made a call with a tweet, and that's where it all started. Nearly forty professionals from various disciplines responded to the call and the AIMCAT team was formed.

The team delegated the leadership of the project to Pere Pèries for his experience in composition and audiovisual production. There were only six weeks left and a song and video had to be made from scratch.

Oh, and everything had to be worked with Artificial Intelligence.

* In the credits of the video you have the full list of team members. We're sure a few of them will be familiar to you.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-10 at 08.26.46.jpeg
Twitter Resultat AISONGCONTEST.png
AISONGCONTEST vot del públic.jpg

The result

For being the first Catalan song made with artificial intelligence for the general public, it's not bad at all. 'I Feel the Wires' won the public vote.

In various phases of the song, the artificial intelligence acts as composer, lyricist and even singer. The dramaturgy, the coordination of the composition team and the direction of the video have been in charge of Pere Pèries. Anyway, none of this would have been possible without this great team of professionals behind it.

Although the AI wrote the original text in English, we made a 100% Catalan version:

Llegeix o descarrega't

el Process Document

per a saber-ne més.

(PDF en anglès)

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